Cheetah safaris offers rhino vita dart in selected areas. Kindly note that the application for the permit is a lengthily process. Book your rhino vita dart well in advance to give us ample time for permit applications. The property with the Rhinos ensures a fare chase, which can be quite challenging. During your rhino hunt there will be a licensed veterinarian and a helicopter on standby at all times to ensure the animals health. Unlike with the rifle, you have to get within 30 yards with the “dart gun” or bow, ensuring a very exciting hunt.

Your rhino trophy gets measured and can be send to the taxidermy of your choice for the construction of your fiberglass replica. Cheetah safaris was one of the first outfits to perfect the bow green/vita dart hunt. Pieter has guided Tom Miranda from ESPN on one of his first ever-filmed bow rhino green hunts (still showing on ESPN-Advantage Adventures) 

Nothing can prepare you for being in the close proximity of such an intimidating live animal and the whole experience will imprint a lasting memory for years to come.