When the van door opened, my heart sank not knowing what to expect for the next 7 days of my life in South Africa…Memories of generous hospitality, prayer before a mouthwatering dinner, stories around the camp fire, catching gigantic catfish in the middle of the night, checking game cameras with a lizard on my jacket, stalking Kudu & Zebra through the fields not knowing what you will encounter around the corner, walking up on rhino, killing a puff adder and scaring my hunting partner by placing it under his bed, BUT most of all, waiting for that perfect kill shot while your body gets hot and your heart feels like it will explode, then releasing an arrow through and through a waterbuck after watching him fight with a young bull for over an hour…There is no adrenaline rush like it on earth!

To sum it up, Cheetah Safaris opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t know existed and I am anxiously waiting for April 13th 2012!