Having hunted with Cheetah Safaris, I chose Sable Safaris for my elephant

bow-hunt because I wanted Pieter Bothma to be my PH and back-up. It was that

simple. A bow-hunt for elephant was certain to include moments of up-close,

split second decision making and I trusted Pieter with the task. Sable

Safaris worked at planning the elephant bow-hunt and found a hunting area

near Kafue National Park with a CITES permit.  We had a good plan, hunted

hard, and at the end of a week’s hunting, and several exciting stalks, we

got close to a good bull for a bow shot.  The old bull charged us in a

thicket and Pieter did the needful, from 8 yards. Sometimes hunts don’t go

as planned, that is part of hunting, but the test for the PH is how they

handle the situation.  I will go back and we’ll try again. We were

successful on Sable, taking a great trophy with just a few days left in the

hunt. Cheetah and Sable Safaris are great experiences in Africa, that leave

you dreaming of going back!